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Friday, March 23, 2012

Pledge of Allegiance at a Union Dinner « LewRockwell.com Blog

Excerpt: "But why the Pledge of Allegiance? Is this some sort of pox that Americans have caught? Is it that as their country goes downhill, they believe that this is some sort of ritual incantation that will resurrect its past life? Or, more likely, is this a way of "unifying" the people in the room, of sweeping them under one social umbrella so that they'll be more receptive to the union messages? A blessing would do that. Is there something wrong with saying a blessing? Is blessing the United States of America supposed to be better? No, but it's more politically effective."
Click here to read full post, Pledge of Allegiance at a Union Dinner « LewRockwell.com Blog

Ron Paul More Electable Than Mitt Romney in Latest Poll - MarketWatch

“Paul is the strongest candidate with independents, tying Obama with them while the rest of the GOP field trails by 6-15 points.”

"...The new poll reveals that Paul is narrowing the gap between himself and Obama by 5 percentage points since last month’s PPP poll..."

"...Other notables are that among one of the fastest growing voter segments, the Hispanic vote, Paul takes a full third of the Hispanic vote against the sitting President, with no other candidate able to come within 5 points of Paul’s Hispanic support..."

Click here to read the full article, Ron Paul More Electable Than Mitt Romney in Latest Poll - MarketWatch

Richard Rider calls Prop 29 a new high speed rail

California’s high-speed rail is a massive spending boondoggle from the 2008 ballot. Its cost nearly doubled to about $100 billion while not a single mile of track has yet been laid? Well, if you liked high-speed rail, you’ll love Proposition 29, coming to the California ballot this June. High speed rail, said Richard Rider, Chairman of the San Diego Tax Fighters, at a recent appearance on San Diego’s NBC affiliate, “promised in writing that it was going to operate under certain restrictions and now does not.”
That’s because special interests, with no accountability to voters or to taxpayers, hijacked the process doling out favors to political cronies and driving up the cost. It’s a reminder, Rider explained that “the idea that we should be budgeting money at the ballot box has not worked well for us.” Like high-speed rail, Prop 29 creates an unaccountable commission packed with political appointees. The decisions this commission makes over the nearly $1 billion in annual new taxes it will administer are untouchable for 15 years, not even in cases of waste, fraud or abuse. That means that even though California schools are laying off teachers, this special interest spending commission can dole out favors as it pleases, with no strict controls over spending. The fact is Prop 29 does nothing to fix California’s $10+ billion budget deficit but does everything to make sure that the reckless spending that got California into the fiscal mess it’s in will continue unabated. Californians have a choice this June. Hopefully they’ll come to realize that decades of unsustainable spending on questionable projects put California in the sorry state it is today. Prop 29 is just more of the same for California—something the state just can’t afford.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A test for state's untouchable pensions | PressDemocrat.com

A test for state's untouchable pensions
Stockton, on verge of bankruptcy, running up against the 800-pound gorilla known as CalPERS
Published: Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 4:03 a.m.
Last Modified: Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 4:03 a.m.

When the city manager of troubled Stockton had to tell City Council members why it was on track to become the biggest U.S. city yet to go bankrupt, it took hours to get through the list.

There was the free health care for retirees, the unpaid parking tickets, the revenue bonds without enough revenue to pay them. On it went, a grim drumbeat of practically every fiscal malady imaginable, except an obvious one: municipal pensions.

Click here to read the full article of A test for state's untouchable pensions | PressDemocrat.com

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dr Oz.. Medical Marijuana Part 1 - YouTube

 I love that Pat Robertson has broken with the Politically Correct and spoke out against the war on drugs.  Here's Dr. Oz, who another nationally famous, influential and highly respected Pastor has worked with, Dr Oz, on Medical Marijuana and common sense policy.  I hope Rich Warren follows Pat Robertson's example and speaks with moral authority for the truth, marijuana and the absurdity of our current policy!

You can watch all four parts of this youtube video exhibit here. It starts with Dr Oz.. Medical Marijuana Part 1 - YouTube

Being Bilingual May Boost Your Brain Power : NPR

Research suggests that the growing numbers of bilingual speakers may have an advantage that goes beyond communication: It turns out that being bilingual is also good for your brain.

Being Bilingual May Boost Your Brain Power : NPR

Jim Gierach speaks out on 420 University | LEAP

James Gierach of LEAP (law enforcement against prohibition) talks about the failed "War on Drugs Policy" endorses 420 University. Former State Prosecutor and current LEAP board member, Jim Gierach speaks for LEAP on 420 University about how the War on Drugs is both at the heart of a wide range of social problems, with special emphasis on how it fails our children.

If you want society to get better, if you want people to be safer, if you want to regulate drugs and end the violence, you have to listen to this retired judge's paradigm shift and realization. Here is Jim Gierach speaking out on 420 University and LEAP

Central Valley Business Times: Report: California does a good job hiding how it spends your money

March 14, 2012 1:37pm
• State among the worst for spending transparency

• ‘It’s disappointing and embarrassing’

Want to know how your state servants are spending your taxes? Good luck, if you want to know about California’s state government.

A new report says California ranks among the lowest when it comes to being transparent in spending.

“Transparency in government spending promotes fiscal responsibility, checks corruption, and bolsters public confidence,” says the report from the California Public Interest Research Group’s Education Fund.

California received a “D minus” when it comes to government spending transparency,...
Click here to go to the Central Valley Business Times to read the full article.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stratfor on the Futility of the War on Meth - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Jacob Sullum | March 14, 2012
A new Stratfor primer on the illicit methamphetamine market cites some numbers that illustrate the risk premium associated with prohibition, which delivers big profits to murderous thugs all over the world:

Depending on the price of chemicals used—determined by the quantity of chemicals purchased and the legitimacy of the supplier—the cost of manufacturing 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of meth comes to anywhere between $150 and $4,000....According to the U.S. Department of Justice's National Illicit Drug Prices Mid-Year 2009 report, the wholesale market price for meth is $19,720 per kilogram while its street value is $87,717 per kilogram. Needless to say, this is a huge markup.

Stratfor on the Futility of the War on Meth - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

Brian Doherty, Senior Editor of Reason Magazine interviews on DailyPaul.com radio. An ufiltered analysis of the Ron Paul Revolution, unbound delegates, and national political landscape!

Doherty coments on the different facets of this race, especially for the delegates, bound and unbound. The factions, groups and organizations that comprise the Ron Paul Revolution, is broad.
 Doherty provides keen analysis of the Tea Party, the grassroots, the campaign groups and begs the contemplation of the potentiality of this movement.

I loved this interview and am listened to it again, and I will do so again, after that:

Brian Doherty Senior Editor of Reason Magazine joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt (LISTEN HERE) 

Doherty's editorial at Reason 

Ron Paul Revolution: What Now? 
The Paul campaign definitely isn’t winning first ballot. But there's still much to win. 
Brian Doherty | March 9, 2012 

After Super Tuesday, it’s officially official: Ron Paul won’t go into Tampa with enough delegates to win the presidential nomination. Still, because of the unbound nature of 197 extant delegates from caucus states, and his campaign’s diligent efforts to ensure that their people rise through the convoluted GOP state convention process, it’s likely that he has many more committed delegates in hand than the media counts. And as still-excited Paul partisans will tell you: Paul can’t go into Tampa with enough to win on first ballot. As The Daily Beast points out, it seems unlikely that Mitt Romney, clearly in the lead now, can do so either. (Click here to read the full article.)

It's been a bear, or should I say, a beast. But I'm in my saddle and revved up! Won't forget my lessons to do practice yoga and good diet.

 I thank everyone in my life because it can be harsh and challenging, and love, friendship, and integrity are edifying pillars.  

I am very excited about GadflyRadio.com That's been my big project and focus in February.  It's like what happens when your office or home gets flooded and then all of a sudden you have to deal with the damage and keep going.  

We have a nice home for the production of our show, in a nice studio with good audio, and we have a great website for GadflyRadio podcasts and posts about the upcoming guests, shows, and topics. 

There's a lot going on and I hope to contribute to the conversations, in a way that advances the truth, liberty and stands in integrity. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get ready for the onslaught of Props to part you with your money: Proposition 29 is the first step in a tax hike deluge

            Anyone who’s been following the news in recent weeks knows that the tax-and-spend lobby is planning to unleash of horde of new tax hikes at the ballot box this election year. Three major hikes, which altogether would raise taxes by tens of billions of dollars annually, are all currently jockeying for a spot on the November 2012 ballot. However, flying under the radar is an equally abhorrent tax increase that creates a nearly $1 billion per year spending program dominated by special interests with no accountability to the public.

            Proposition 29, the so-called California Cancer Research Act, raises taxes to create a massive new spending program run by a new commission with six political appointees. The decisions of this commission, which has the authority to spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year, are unchangeable by even the Governor and the State Legislature for 15 years, even in cases of fraud or waste. Worse yet, the commission can spend the taxes from Californians outside California!

Leading fiscal conservative and anti-tax groups are weighing in strongly against the measure.  As David Spady of Americans for Prosperity wrote here on Flash Report, “The last thing California should be doing is creating a brand-new billion-dollar special-interest spending program at a time when we can’t even fund critical state programs like education and public safety. After all, isn’t that a big part of what got us into this budget mess in the first place?”

This election season, voters have a chance to tell the spending lobby that they’re sick and tired of higher taxes and rampant special interest spending. Saying no to Proposition 29 in June should be a prelude to rejecting the tax hikes coming in November.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Will Stockton Trigger Bankruptcy Run? | CalWatchDog

"Stockton … Hercules … Lincoln … Milpitas. The list of cities has grown to four in the span of one week. These are all cities in California recently threatened with budgetary insolvency — where expenses exceed revenues. All have started to explore filing bankruptcy or drastically reducing their budgets and effectively doing the same, as would happen in a bankruptcy court."

Will Stockton Trigger Bankruptcy Run? | CalWatchDog

Nullification VICTORY in Virginia!

Mr. Marshall's bill, HB 1160, has passed BOTH houses of the Virginia legislature, including a 39-to-1 vote in the Senate this past Tuesday. This bill prohibits the state of Virginia from assisting the federal government in the unlawful detention of United States citizens. Remember . . .

The Executive Branch gained this power of "kidnapping" as a result of a confusing provision in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). That criminal statue contained tricky language that has fooled many reporters, citizens, and even members of Congress. The measure was deceitfully written to make people think it exempts U.S. citizens when it does NOT! This linguistic deceit was likely intentional. But it's even more important to defend the principle that citizenship is morally irrelevant, because . . .
The rights that this criminal edict violates are Pre-Constitutional. These rights must be honored for ALL people, NOT just citizens.

Read more about VICTORY in Virginia!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fantastic! And these are adult stem cells... not embryonic.

A sci-fi-like skin gun that sprays stem cells onto burned skin is the latest treatment in helping burn victims, scientists say. Dr. Jorg Gerlach of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh developed the gun, which sprays a solution of cells and water onto the damaged skin...      Click here to read more.

Ownership of Cato

Who Knew Cato had shareholders? and Ownership of Cato

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids: An Epidemic of "Isolated Incidents"

"If a widespread pattern of [knock-and-announce] violations were shown . . . there would be reason for grave concern." —Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, in Hudson v. Michigan, June 15, 2006. An interactive map of botched SWAT and paramilitary police raids, released in conjunction with the Cato policy paper "Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids," by Radley Balko. What does this map mean? How to use this map View Original Map and Database


Death of an innocent. Death or injury of a police officer. Death of a nonviolent offender.
Raid on an innocent suspect. Other examples of paramilitary police excess. Unnecessary raids on doctors and sick people.
The proliferation of SWAT teams, police militarization, and the Drug War have given rise to a dramatic increase in the number of "no-knock" or "quick-knock" raids on suspected drug offenders. Because these raids are often conducted based on tips from notoriously unreliable confidential informants, police sometimes conduct SWAT-style raids on the wrong home, or on the homes of nonviolent, misdemeanor drug users. Such highly-volatile, overly confrontational tactics are bad enough when no one is hurt -- it's difficult to imagine the terror an innocent suspect or family faces when a SWAT team mistakenly breaks down their door in the middle of the night. But even more disturbing are the number of times such "wrong door" raids unnecessarily lead to the injury or death of suspects, bystanders, and police officers. Defenders of SWAT teams and paramilitary tactics say such incidents are isolated and rare. The map above aims to refute that notion.

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