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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

John and Ken: Groups claim they want their show off the air over their rants against illegal status immigrants getting privileges that trump U.S. citizens' but I believe it is a cynical move.

The LAT's headline and byline reads:
Groups want 'John and Ken' show off the air
The popular KFI radio hosts gave out the cellphone number of an immigrant rights activist, prompting hate-filled calls. Minority and immigrant rights groups say they will boycott advertisers if the show isn't taken off the air.
Last week on Tuesday, John and Ken convened a meeting of what they call the Legion of Acceptability. This followed words Jerry Brown said in NYT's interview to a reporter. He said "GOP legislators obey strict fealty to the 'Legion of Acceptability'….whose roster Jerry told the NYT includes:

'Jon Coupal, who works for Howard Jarvis; Grover Norquist; the Ken and John talk show; the guy who does the Flash Report. Any two of those can stop any bill in the Legislature where Republicans are needed. They basically work for them...'"

On Friday the attack from the Latino Groups hit the two most influential among all of those mentioned as the "Legion."   Jon Fleishman posted this story, Groups want 'John and Ken' show off the air, on his Flash Report. 

On Friday night,September 30, 2011 at 6:15 PM I sat down at my notebook to try to write down what was reeling though my head after listening intently to their show, captivated by their discussion of, their reaction to, and the reaction from their listeners as reflected on their new John and Ken listener line.

I had just finished listening to their playing of their first round of chosen calls from their listener line. Many of the messages related directly to John and Ken's previous segment, which consisted primarily around their reaction, response to and discussion of the charges and accusations being levied against them by Latino groups who are united around an intent to have John and Ken removed from the air.

John and Ken recited a list of the groups who want them off the air, their threat of a boycott, and more specifically, their discussion of an additional statement released by Rosalia Tenorio, Director of Communications for the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which read the Coalition's accusations of John and Ken for inciting hate speech and even violence against Latinos. As evidence of their charges, they pointed to John and Ken's having given out the cell phone number of Jorge-Mario Cabrera, a spokesman for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

The press release claims that John and Ken are responsible for inciting hate crimes against immigrants including murder.

I was excited to hear this battle erupting, only because I have often cringed over things John and Ken say when discussing issues that involve immigrants of illegal status, or illegal immigrants, as they like to say, with adequate contempt and froth. I am sensitive to the plight illegals, and because the majority of these immigrants are from Mexico and Central America, I share a cultural background that makes me sympathetic. That doesn't mean I want to extend our absurd runaway welfare benefits to immigrants of illegal status. I am sure the vast majority of legal Latinos in CA share my opinion on this matter. I want to see us reform our immigration policy so that it is not so dysfunctional and disconnected with reality, and I want to see us develop policy that doesn't punish legal citizens by fiat, by taking what is available in financial aid and distributing it to residents of illegal status.

The discussion on this issue on Conservative Talk Radio is often hyperbole. It may be great for ratings but it is vitriolic. Many times the descriptions of 'illegals' suggest they're all violent, or stupid, or thieves or welfare rats, parasites, trash. Yet to people who eat where they eat, live where they live, and shop where they shop, we see the human beings who are here illegally. We see individuals who live among us and have illegal status, and our impressions and considerations are more complex. I love the sinner, but hate the sin.

I loved several of the callers' messages on Friday, some supporting John and Ken, some telling them how they love them and then get angry with them.

It seemed to me that a few of the callers were Latino. One identified himself as such. His message was passionate. He told them he loved what they were doing, and he was angry about the displacement of legal citizen being displaced by illegal citizens.

I thought, that caller, all those callers who said they love their show, love the things I love about listening to John and Ken, how they expose corruption of some police departments and officers, constantly exposing the abuse and corruption of elected officials whose elections are funded by public employee unions, and who cater to their same unions and their members at the general public's expense and financial obligations.

Those are the battles that make them heroes, and that is why for me, despite how many times I swear at them, curse them, and shut them off when they go off on their anti-illegal-immigrant rants, not because they are offended by the unethical policies of the politicians that give welfare benefits away as if it were their own money they were spending, and not for the costs and expenses they object to, but for the aspersions they hurl against a culture, a language, and a people that my own mother embodied, even though she was always legally here.

  The vast majority of legal status Latino immigrants and Latino citizens DO NOT WANT rampant free for all of benefits and welfare for illegal status immigrants.

Most people don't want that. People who work hard, who are responsible, who pay their taxes, want to be secure and live free and peacefully and they want their government to be fair and responsible. 

Many Latinos have relatives who are illegally here, and  those who are citizens vote, legally.  They care about their home and their neighborhood but they also care about their brother.   All I'm saying is you catch more flies with sugar. You can lead or govern with harshness and insult or by reason and inspiration.

You can insult people and their relatives to shame them into agreement if you don't repel them first, or you can appeal to their higher moral being.  You can win points by fanning flames of hatred and rage, or you can build a broad coalition by appealing to people's common ethics, goals, dreams desires and righteous moral indignation.  It's probably not as hot for ratings.  But I bet John and Ken's ratings are higher now, because of their coverage of the issues of Kelly Thomas and the police cover up of his murder, and their coverage of the moral turpitude of governments who are allowing the public employee unions to bankrupt their cities and live fat off the hog, on our backs, and our security. 

I loved that woman caller who goes on and on about how she just loves John and Ken. "I love you guys" and then sometimes she hates what they're talking about (I said to myself as I listened to her, yup, that's me!), and she went on, about how she loves what they talk about and they're fun (and I think, very exciting), and then they talk about somethings that she hates the way they talk about them, and she turns them off (That's me too!!!) and then we come back.

For me, it's the WAY they frame what they say about people illegally here, how it occurs to people who have neighbors or relatives or friends who have illegal status. People like me, with my sensibilities and background, also care about this issue.

We don't want to go bankrupt. We care about our legally-born-and-raised-here-families, we also care about some persons of illegal status. We know some of them personally, and some, we are related to.

We're are not trying to champion government tax payer funded benefits for people who are here illegally. But we care about those people just as John and Ken care about Kelly Thomas. Why was Kelly out on the streets? Our laws make it impossible to institutionalize him.   Does that give license to the cops to beat him to death for kicks?   Hell no!  Thank you John and Ken for taking this issue on!

Why? Why do we come back?  Because of what they talk about, and the way they do it.  We love how they talk about all of the corruption!  We love how poignant they are,  the way they pound on it!

That's why the "Latino Groups" want them out. Those groups are part of the club that pulls the levers up in Sacramento.  They get funding, access, and power. 

For years they've ignored John and Ken. It has been most convenient for them to have Latinos shut John and Ken off and tune them out.   They've benefited from having this large eclectic population of Latino voters ignore and avoid listening to John and Ken and their words that rain and reign over the radio waves that cover all of Southern California. 

But now, I would bet that John and Ken are garnering a fast growing following of  listeners who are Latinos!  People like me, who LOVE what they do, for the most part, even though we seethe when they talk as if they don't like Mexicans. I pray out loud with frequency,  "Dear God, please let one of John's children fall in love with an illegal Mexican." I know he loves his children, and maybe this would cause him to love an illegal sister too, despite her status and shortcomings with the law.

Maybe when he talked about the issue of illegal immigration, he would save all his vitriol for the politicians and the "Latino Groups" who claim to love them so much, and use them so well for their own fat greedy destructive parasitical power.   Those "Groups"  have the power to force education reform, but no, they don't do it.  They're whores who serve their masters for a dollar.   They let the Latino children rot in decrepit schools that fail them.  They let the ones who drop out and get into trouble languish and rot in corrupt prisons.  And they love this Dream Act farce where they pose as heroes to save a token few, while poking legal-status-citizen-taxpayers in the eye.

The legislature is now on a full throttle attack against the citizenry that want's to save their city. They have basically declared war on local cities and municipalities. The governor, it seems, just can't do enough for the public employee labor unions who funded his election.

I cheered when he seized the money from the local redevelopment agencies and spoke of abolishing them once and for all. Good riddance! They're parasites and slush funds for the opportunists who see it as de riguer to take as much as they can because if they don't someone else will. Real moral turpitude there.

The Police corruption surfacing in Orange County, and here in Los Angeles, the County's Sheriff's Department is boiling over with corruption, and it is out in the open. The corruption, abuse and violations of civil liberties, human rights, legal protections, and due process have been a matter of course in LA County jails and in Orange County's Fullerton Police Dept in particular.   John and Ken are on it, and they're staying on it! And there are a lot of people who didn't listen to them on other issues that are vital, listening to them now.  

They are heroes to everyone who has suffered injustice at the hands of peace officers in isolation and without any support. The listeners care about this issue passionately! We care passionately about the public employee unions and the retirees, and their politicians, and the mess we are in.

John and Ken don't care about Kelly Thomas because he's white, or because he was homeless or schizophrenic. They care because what the police did to him was wrong, and because how the police department, and the City Council of Fullerton was trying to ignore the matter, and it could have slipped under the rug, had it not been for the bloggers at Friends for Fullerton's Future, writing about the corruption,  posting everything they could to tell the story.  John and Ken picked it up!  They got it!

They care about government's abuse of power, their corruption, their self serving selfish, destructive self preserving actions that run roughshod over the interests of the people at large. That's why John and Ken are so freaking hot now, and why the Latino Groups, weighing the costs v benefits, have made a decision to try to get them removed.


JOHN AND KEN ON DEMAND Podcast for Friday, September 30, 2011 LA Times [article about groups that want John and Ken off the air] 5PM (9/30)

Groups want 'John and Ken' show off the air

Latino Leaders Discuss Hate Speech on the ‘John & Ken Show’
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