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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tonight on Gadfly Radio w/ Martha & CalWatchDog's John Seiler, CA City Journal's Ben Boychuk & Special Guests, Angelo M. Codevilla & Tom Donalson

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September 20, 2011 Tonight live at 8PM PT:  Tonight on Gadfly Radio, Ben Boychuk of CA City Journal joins me as we talk with John Seiler of CalWatchDog.com, Angelo M. Codevilla, professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University, Senior Fellow with The Clarmont Institute and author most recently of "The Ruling Class" and "Advice to War Presidents."
Tom Donalson is the President of America's PAC and America's Majority.  He works to carry on the work compiled by the late Richard Nadler, a contributor to American Spectator and NRO as well as the founder and President of America's Majority up until his passing in May of 2009.

Why have Latino voters abandoned the Republican Party in CA in such dramatic numbers?  The GOP cannot win and has no future in CA unless it wins over a significant number of Latino voters.  What is the problem?  What is the solution? Does it matter? 

Our program focuses mainly on CA politics, policy, business and jobs.   This past weekend, the CA GOP had its fall convention in the heart of Los Angeles, in a redevelopment zone called LA Live.   Ron Paul stole the thunder in the Presidential Straw Poll, and Michelle Bachmann fared worse than Perry and Romney  in the same poll even though she was the keynote speaker on Friday night at the Convention.

The State of CA is close to being fully dominated by the Democratic Party.   Republicans cling to a thread of power but have to fight the redisticting maps to hold on.   Their numbers of support among Latinos is at an all time low.

Juliet Williams reported in the Washington Examiner:
GOP registration has been sliding for years, with Republicans now accounting for 31 percent of registered voters, compared to 44 percent for Democrats and about 20 percent for independents.
Any strategy to revive that registration cannot succeed without persuading Hispanics, who comprise a third of the California electorate.  Click here to read more.
In June of 2010, the WSJ reported Hispanic Voters Drift From GOP:
Among California Latinos who registered between the 2002 and 2006 midterm elections, 23% were Republican, 50% were Democrats and 23% declined to state. More recently, GOP affiliation among Latinos has begun to slip. For those who registered since the 2006 midterm vote, only 16% are Republicans, 56% are Democrats and 24% declined to state an affiliation. For non-Latino voters, the figures are 24% Republican, 44% Democrat and 26% independent since 2006. 
Back in May of 2009, Alan Hoffenblum who has been a  guest on this program, wrote about the CA GOP's shrinking base in this piece called California’s Republican Legislators -- a White Males’ Club.   In it, he cited a recent poll by the CA branch of Public Opinion Strategies:

According to their research,voter registration among LATINO voters is 57% Democratic, 19% Republican, 20% Independent, and 4% other; among ASIAN voters, it is 30% Democratic, 29% Republican, 39% Independent, 2% other; and among BLACK voters, it is 83% Democratic, 8% Republican, 9% Independent.  
Angelo M. Codevilla wrote this piece  in June 2009,  and started a firestorm among Conservatives  around the message they send to Latinos. 

Recently, Mark Kerkorian engaged in debate  with Codevilla.  Here are few links to some of the writings back and forth: 

Not from the Onion May 6, 2011 4:43 P.M. By Mark Krikorian 
Response to Codevilla By Mark Krikorian, Posted on May 16, 2011 9:53 AM 

Perhaps the most ridiculous sentence ever written on immigration from the right: Were Americans once again to take citizenship seriously, to dismantle the welfare state’s bureaucratic and psychological culture of entitlement, to dismiss the image of themselves as white-gloved administrators, and to banish America’s drug culture, then Americans could safely stop worrying about our southern border. Yeah, and if there were less gravity we’d all run faster. 
Re: Not from the Onion May 9, 2011 2:58 P.M. By Angelo M. Codevilla 
Mark Krikorian writes that my article “Our Borders, Ourselves” “attempt[s] to undermine opposition” to one of our ruling class’s “most important tools,” namely “mass migration.” He charges that I want to “allow our nation to be crucified on the cross of unlimited immigration” and accuses me of “contempt for the actual people living in the actual United States of America who, whatever our manifold sins, would like to preserve whatever’s left of our country.”
I recently met a young man, in his early thirties, thin and tan and sporting aviator sunglasses with mirrored lenses.  He kept his hope alive by the encounters with people who bartered with him honestly, despite the many who cheat him of his pay for a hard day's, week's and even several weeks' work.  He is an 'llegal.'   He likes to read and write and study history in his spare time.  He sends money home to put his two sister through college and help his mother in the Central American Country he comes from.  

He  showed me a book he carries in his backpack, a tattered paperback called "Como Ganar Amigos E Influir Sobre las Personas" in Spanish. We know it in English as "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.   He recommended it to me.  Said he knew he could be somebody someday. 

I know that book.  I've read it before.  It's from one of our legendary U.S. Capitalists.  It's  a primer in Capitalism.  You start with the customer is always right. You have something to offer, to sell. How are you communicating your message to your customers?   

We are in the business of ideas.  Our marketplace is broad and diverse.  Our fundamentals are fundamental and shape our success or our failure.   

Codevilla closed his article back in 2009 with this statement: 
"How Russians or Chinese or Indonesians feel about Americans, or how we feel about them, makes little difference simply because such peoples are neither neighbors nor relatives. But because Mexicans are at once close neighbors and relatives, our sentiments toward them and theirs toward us are of the greatest importance. When we make enemies of Mexicans, we foul our own nest."

Agree or disagree, hope you join us for the conversation.  

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