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Friday, November 5, 2010

Six key races where Latinos made a difference

November 03, 2010
...The California Senate race
Democrat Barbara Boxer defeated Carly Fiorina among Latinos, 86 percent to 14 percent. Latinos made up 22 percent of the electorate, up from 19 percent in 2006. Boxer won by 9 percentage points. The polling firm Latino Decisions estimates that the Hispanic vote contributed 10.1 percentage points to Boxer's margin — more than the margin of victory..

The California governor's race
Democrat Jerry Brown outpolled Republican Meg Whitman among Latinos, 86 percent to 13 percent. Hispanics made up 22 percent of the electorate, up from 19 percent in 2006. Brown won by 13 percentage points. The polling firm Latino Decisions estimates that the Hispanic vote contributed 13.1 percentage points to Brown's margin — more than the margin of victory..Posted at Texas on the Potomac Blog
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Benito said...

The Republicans are so funny, when the economy is good you say let’s all celebrate “Cinco de Mayo, my brothers” but when the economy is down “it’s all your fault, you damn immigrant”.

The GOP has went on a nationwide rant in proposing and passing several anti-immigration legislation (that our US Courts continue to strike down) and have continue to blame the immigrant for the flat economy or worse.

Plus the more radical of the GOP are now attacking our Constitution (with all Amendments), and the Declaration of Independence, in their crazy notion of wanting to take away rights that all of us take for granted in their misguided attempt to garner some much needed votes (how is that working), they really are fools, and leading the GOP towards obscurity because they are no longer a party of ideas, just of empty suits.

When most Americans (of Latin America roots) went to the polls this November we all remembered who stood with us, our children, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, our parents and grandparents, in one word our families and who stood against us, so trying to make amends now is somewhat funny, but go ahead, you did not change our minds. Your hate made you do it, and you found out that you reap what you have sown. I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would say about todays GOP, he unlike the current GOP was a man of ideas.

Martha Montelongo said...

Benito, if you read my posts you'll see I am a Republican and I am not anti-immigrant. Not all Republicans speak with anger and rage against immigrants. Most, I want to believe it's most, know someone who is an immigrant, who is related to someone who is an immigrant, or frequents establishments where he or she is served by immigrants, etc. I'm a stand for generating a dialogue that doesn't divide people who want the same thing. I get frustrated by the small vocal minority that follows the zero immigration, zero population think tanks in DC. But you, if you're going to bash Republicans as a group, tell me, how do you reconcile the fact that Democrats use immigration as a tool to whip up the Latino vote in their favor, when they have been the majority in the US Senate and Congress since 2006? They could have passed everything they say they stand for. Bush wanted Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The Democrats didn't deliver. Why? What would they use to get you keep voting for them, against those damn Republicans.

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