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Thursday, November 18, 2010

GOP Failure in California

By Richard Rider
Chairman of the San Diego Tax Fighters
Wed, November 17th, 2010

Be it real or be it perception, the GOP's perceived anti-immigrant (and especially anti-Hispanic) stance is losing (has lost) the minority vote in this state. The vociferous conservative element that puts essentially all blame for our problems on illegal immigrants projects itself as the GOP.

Some of the most popular right wing talk show hosts build their loyal (essentially all white) following with their Jihad against illegal Hispanics (mainly Mexicans).

Say what you will -- this is PERCEIVED as anti-Hispanic. ALL Hispanics.
Click here to read more of Richard's op-ed.
Dear Richard,
I thank you for calling out the GOP on their anti-Hispanic vitriol. It has become absurd how offensive and off-putting the political discourse around immigration has grown. Those most responsible engage in the tactic of dissembling and fallacy. They accuse anyone who calls them on the not-so-subtle message of outright contempt for Hispanic Immigrants as being FOR OPEN BORDERS! Elaborating on their fallacies, they justify their rancor with the qualifier: "Oh, but we don't mind if you're LEGAL. We just don't want to allow ANY more immigration reform until the border is COMPLETELY SECURE, NO ONE is getting in here illegally..." You cheer at raids, ignoring the horror of the Elian Gonzalez episode in Florida and the fact it cost Gore the Presidency!

To hell with the agriculture industry in California! While we cry about all the lost jobs and the Jabba the Hut Government of California, our backbone industry in California, yes, the biggest industry of California, withers. The Republicans are responsible for killing it. They have eaten their own. It is barely alive. It is on life support. And it is the reddest of red zones in CA. For every illegal farm worker, four white collar jobs are supported. The marketing, sales, distribution, crop dusting, irrigation engineering and more, all dependent on the farmers being able to harvest their crops. We could help them secure the labor they need legally and realistically.

We could have taken out the congressional representatives and Barbara Boxer, who have been aiding the Obama administration kill the Central Valley, and our greatest economic industry in California, and maybe we could have rattled the Leftist controlled California Legislature that is doing to the Central Valley what Saddam Husein did the resistors who tried to escape persecution by hiding in the Arab marches, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet.

Withstanding the fallacy that if one is for comprehensive reform that addresses the broken legal process of getting work permits and visas and yes, even legal citizenship, I would welcome, as would the majority of citizens who support rational comprehensive immigration reform, that in addition to the issues you suggest we pursue by ballot initiative by conservatives who want to advance limited government, that we add an initiative to require that we show legal valid I.D. to vote, that registration rolls be validated on a timely basis, and especially, that provisional ballots require a valid I.D.

All of this can be successfully argued for justly and courteously to all Californians, including our large Hispanic immigrant population, without offending their illegal friends, family and neighbors, in the name of honoring the integrity of every individual's right to vote.

Mexico requires a valid I.D. It's not a debated issue in Mexico. It's common sense. The racial identity politicians who argue that it is racist to require ID play on White Guilt when they suggest it's racist to require.

The secret to success in arguing for something that limits the power of government and protects our individual liberty and our vote to secure it is simple. Be nice. Be courteous, be inclusive and avoid castings aspersions at ethnic groups. Qualifiers about referring to illegal versus legal Hispanics do not fly. Click here to read more of Richard's op-ed.
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