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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Comedian Paul Rodriguez on Water & Life in CA--The Coalition of farmers and farm workers v the Extremist Environmentalists, Sat, July 11, 2009

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Latin King of Comedy Paul Rodriguez joins me this Saturday, to talk about the battle for water--life for the people of the Central Valley.
The photo on the right is from a "Thank You" concert on May 9th at the Firebaugh H.S. Football Stadium, for the families who participated in the march from Mendota to the San Luis Resevoir in the March for Water. He didn't turn away anyone who came up to him and asked for a photo with him. He sponsored the concert, food and refreshments.

On Wednesday, July 8th, Ken Mettler, President of the CA Republican Assembly, an organization that bills itself as Fiscal & Social Conservatives, “The Conscience of the Republican Party,” distributed a press release quoting Mettler:
Sacramento Fiddles while Farms Dry Up
Agriculture, one of the largest industries in the state, needs immediate action from the State Government, so that farmers do not go out of business. However, the state legislature, is fiddling in Sacramento with radical environmentalism, tax increases, illegal alien coddling, and preserving unionized government jobs.

“The legislature is at a historic cross road” stated Ken Mettler, President of the California Republican Assembly (CRA). He continued “It can continue to drive the State into fiscal collapse while one of its most important industries perishes or it can pass real meaningful cuts in the state budget and prioritize the needs of the farmers in the Central Valley.”

“However,” warned Mettler “the State is in no position to issue bonds to finance the infrastructure improvements. Its bonds are now at or near junk status and past bond debt is simply too high to tolerate any more such programs.”

What the State needs to do is old fashioned responsible budgeting of funds to begin and finish improvements to the water delivery system. “The best system for any government infrastructure program is a pay as you go method.” stated Mettler. “In this recession the State is able to command a better price for its construction dollar. “

Further Metter stated, “The Governor needs to declare a state of emergency so the State can suspend the normal rules for pubic construction projects similar to what happened after the Northridge Earthquake in getting the highway bridges built in record time and under budget.”

To save the Central Valley farmers, the State needs to act now.
Comedian Paul Rodriguez is Chair of the CA Latino Water Coalition. He joins us to tell the story, from his own personal perspective, of the farmers and farm workers of the Central Valley. What would it take to prevail? What does he see is possible? How has this battle over water changed him?

Ty Greeves, President of the San Jose Chapter of CA Republican Assembly joins me to talk about the Republican Party and Immigration.
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To listen to or download a Podcast of Paul Rodriguez speaking to the 2009 Annual California Republican Assembly Convention click here, (You need iTunes to access the itunes podcasts library), go to podcast 15. It's 33:17 minutes long, funny, inspiring, heart warming and free.
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