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Friday, February 27, 2009

How do you get rid of Mexican American farmworkers and wipe out the most red districts in CA? Shut off their water supply and kill their way of life

Then just sit back and let the them wither on the vine. The two sides, the Farmers and the workers, the Ranchers and the Mexican Americans who work the ranches don't coalese politically. If they don't work together politically, they'll expire.

My Uncle Hugo and my Dad, three years ago at my mom's funeral wake.

My uncle Hugo's wife, Teresa, my uncle Chuy and Aunt Amelia

Family friend Ema, Uncle Chuy, Tia Amelia, and Uncle Hugo's son, Hugo.

My grandfather, Pablo Montelongo was a farm worker on a citrus ranch in CA. My Uncle Chuy, his wife, Amelia, and their children lived across the dirt drive near the entrance to the ranch, my other uncle, Hugo, lived up the road. All farmworkers.

Now, towns in the Central Valley are being wiped out to protect the puny, frail, doomed-to-go-extinct-regardless smelt fish.

Generations of families, of workers and ranchers are being displaced. The backbone of the State of CA's economy is being wiped out.

Lloyd Carter, President of CA Save our Streams Council, and until recently, a board member of the CA Water Impact Network showed his racist and inhumane colors in this video:

He was forced to resign on account of the public outcry over his overtly racists comments and the Water Impact Network board has denounced his statements as not reflective of their sentiments. The UFW and other groups generally comfortable and sympathetic with the Left environmental lobby, have protested demanding an apology and some other form of retribution.

The only just demand is that the water flow! Open the gate! The cause of the deliberate destruction of our food production and multi generations of communities in the Central Valley comes down to environmentalists’ policies demanding more water for the environment, obstructing ways and means to capture and store water in good years, less flexibility to pump and store water due to system limitations and crippling court decisions. The drought is accelerating the process.

The CA Water Impact Network and the Save our Streams Council can say Lloyd Carter doesn’t represent them, but their actions prove different. Lloyd’s apology is a non apology but rather his rationale; the children of the displaced farm workers can now go and pursue better things and aspire to better things such as becoming doctors and lawyers and nurses. Let them eat cake! Or maybe they'll grow up to be so powerful someday that they can destroy extended multi generational communities of families they look down on and lump together into a negative profile, too.

Right now, the Latino politicians can say they're going to help. But they've made so many deals with the powerful environmental lobby that I doubt they'll do anything substantive or meaningful other than hold hearing and rattle sabers.

The Republicans, who stand to lose their last wall of defense, their thin margin in the legislature that keeps them from being completely irrelevant, provided they aren't betrayed by their own members, don't talk to the Mexican Americans. The two groups are not coalesed, or haven't been, even though they are in fact natural allies if they communicated. Will they come together? The time of reckoning is now.
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Botched Paramilitary Police Raids: An Epidemic of "Isolated Incidents"

"If a widespread pattern of [knock-and-announce] violations were shown . . . there would be reason for grave concern." —Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, in Hudson v. Michigan, June 15, 2006. An interactive map of botched SWAT and paramilitary police raids, released in conjunction with the Cato policy paper "Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids," by Radley Balko. What does this map mean? How to use this map View Original Map and Database


Death of an innocent. Death or injury of a police officer. Death of a nonviolent offender.
Raid on an innocent suspect. Other examples of paramilitary police excess. Unnecessary raids on doctors and sick people.
The proliferation of SWAT teams, police militarization, and the Drug War have given rise to a dramatic increase in the number of "no-knock" or "quick-knock" raids on suspected drug offenders. Because these raids are often conducted based on tips from notoriously unreliable confidential informants, police sometimes conduct SWAT-style raids on the wrong home, or on the homes of nonviolent, misdemeanor drug users. Such highly-volatile, overly confrontational tactics are bad enough when no one is hurt -- it's difficult to imagine the terror an innocent suspect or family faces when a SWAT team mistakenly breaks down their door in the middle of the night. But even more disturbing are the number of times such "wrong door" raids unnecessarily lead to the injury or death of suspects, bystanders, and police officers. Defenders of SWAT teams and paramilitary tactics say such incidents are isolated and rare. The map above aims to refute that notion.

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